Design Catalogue

FRB 720

This Fast Rescue Boat originally designed for Offshore Support Vessels on board installation is also adapted to short distance crew transfers thanks to her standardized bow landing.

Compliant with the International Life Saving Appliance code (LSA code), the FRB 720 is a real sea-going performing boat boarding up to 10 persons and arranged to receive a stretcher.

Equipped with a single engine and waterjet propulsion, this 7 metres aluminium hull boat reaches a 28 knots top speed and its 0.58 m draught allows sailing in shallow waters.

FPSV 19w

The FPSV 19w benefits from PIRIOU’s 25 years experience in delivering more than 100 aluminium fast crew boats to the offshore oil and gas industry. Dedicated to crew operations, the FPSV 19w comes with a standardized V-shape and shock absorbent bow landing for safer transfer of personnel. With a 23 m² cargo deck, 30 industrial personnel seating and 2 crew, she sails at very high speed thanks to an optimized hull design.

This 19 meters aluminium vessel is equipped with twin engines coupled with waterjet propulsion offering high maneuverability and a top speed of 35 knots.

FPSV 41p

Concentrate of 25 years experience in fast crew boats, the FPSV 41p is designed with seating for 80 personnel and a cargo deck of 100 m². She is the perfect vessel for operations such as rig crew transfer, quick transportation of supplies and in field support. Made of aluminium and equipped with 3 engines coupled to fixed pitch propellers and a 80 m³ fuel oil capacity, the FPSV 41p offers a range in excess of 3,000 NM. Her speed of 25 knots meets most of the requirements and guarantees a quick transfer of personnel.

Extremely versatile, her layout can be adapted for in field patrol operations by replacing the lounge seating with cabins and a mess for security personnel.

FPSV 53p/w

The FPSV 53 benefits from PIRIOU’s 25 years experience in delivering more than 100 aluminium fast crew boats to the offshore oil and gas industry.

The FPSV 53 is a highly versatile vessel able to perform multiple functions as in field support, crew transfer and supply. With a 240 m² cargo deck, 80 industrial personnel seating and living quarters for 10 crew, her fuel-efficient hull design enables to sail in a very comfortable manner. This 55 metres aluminium vessel is equipped with four engines.


Workboat suitable for maritime works and tanker offloading operations:

  • PIRIOU design
  • Lifting with a single point or 4 pad eyes
  • Towing hook with 3.2t capacity
  • Suitable bow landing for safe and easy crew transfer
  • 9 knots