From Design to Delivery

WAS builds ships in steel, aluminium and composite materials at our shipyard in the Oil and Gas Free Zone, Federal Ocean Terminal, Onne Port Harcourt. Whether you’re operating in the public, private, civil or military sector, running a single vessel or a large fleet, we can support you by delivering quality vessels on time and on budget.

Tailored to your needs

We work hard to understand your precise requirements, creating bespoke offers which may be adapted from our existing catalogue or designed from scratch to meet your unique specific criteria.

Expert advice every step of the way

Our design specialists, sometimes working in partnership with independent naval architects, work closely with you from the design phase onwards to ensure vessels meet your exact needs, as well as complying with the ever-evolving regulatory requirements.


We undertake:

  • Studies: Preliminary studies, design concepts, naval architecture, general and detailed studies,
  • Logistics: Integrated logistical support, technical assistance, training and procurement services.


In an increasingly complex financial environment, we can help you to find and secure the financial backing you need.


  • Qualified welders and fabricators work within the requirements of all principle IACS member organisations on both steel and aluminium ship repairs, renewals and marine construction.
  • Welder qualifications carry IACS member organisation endorsement and are professionally managed in-house.
  • Numerous welder/fabricators possess multi positional and thickness qualifications allowing us to carry out welding works on carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium and duplex using MMA, TIG, MIG and FCAW processes.
  • Using modern welding technology and calibrated equipment ensures we work within the parameters of our welding procedure qualifications and specifications.
  • An in-house welding coordinator oversees and implements quality control.
  • Welders and fabricators are multi-skilled and experienced at ship repair, marine construction and general welding and repairs to various metalwork and structures.
  • Wide-ranging welding and fabrication services include:
    • Collision repair welding
    • Pipe welding
    • Shell plate and structural metalwork replacement
    • New build fabrication and installation of steel and aluminium superstructures and other modules
    • New build fabrication and installation of ladders and stairways
    • Repairs to handrails and other deck fixtures
    • Repairs and improvements to substandard works carried out by other contractors