Dry Docking and Quay Repair Facilities

WAS operates a quayside area of 13 500m² with a jetty side of 300 m in length with a draught of 6.5m at low tide and 8.5m at high tide, supported by mobile and tower cranes. For docking vessels, we have two floating docks situated at the south end of the jetty, which are placed strategically double banked. Both docks are 110m long x 25m wide and able to dock vessels to a draught of 6.2m.

The facility boasts over 60,000 m² of secure storage and fabrication areas. On site are four workshops spread over 6,000 m² for steel & pipe fabrications, mechanical and electrical overhauls, as well as a power station supplying 440V 60Hz stable current 24/7.

The two-fabrication halls are designed and built to withstand weights of up to 600 tons. The largest hall is fitted with 2 x 25t cranes. To date over 45 vessels and numerous large fabrication projects have been executed within these halls.