Electrical and Electronic Services

Repairs to all types of electrical machinery and equipment, including repairs and refurbishment of electric motors, cranes, switchboards, switching gear and fault finding on all on-board electrical equipment.

Services include:

  • Supply of new standard frame size motors
  • Overhaul and rewinding of motors and alternators
  • Rewinding of transformers and manufacture of new transformers
  • Balancing of rotors and impellors
  • Re-sleeving and machining of motor-end shields and bearing journals
  • Supply of electrical equipment and spares
  • Fault finding and repairs to automation systems (electrical and programmable logic computer)
  • General installation work (e.g. running of cables, fitting units and multi-cable transits)
  • Shore supply and generator hire
  • Cleaning of switchboards
  • Supply of personnel for off-port limits and riding crew work
  • Repairs and navigational equipment